Comparing is a basic numerical skill that every student must know. To give them regular practice, this resource contains many lessons on large and small numbers. This will give them extra assistance to strengthen their skills and supplement classroom learning.

Learn integers Practice math skills

Practice comparing numbers

Our comparing page covers all the topics necessary for students in elementary school to succeed. Practice lessons on ascending and descending numbers, finding the smallest and biggest numbers, comparing equations using subtraction, and many others. These lessons are designed to help students learn and practice comparing numbers easily and quickly.

If your students are first graders then it's the perfect time to introduce comparing to them. Start with simple skills like ascending and descending orders, comparing number using symbols, and finding smallest and biggest numbers. If you see progress, then move on to ascending and descending order of number up to 1000, and comparing of negative numbers.

All these lessons are fun to practice, and something that your children would love to do during play dates, or after school hours. Teachers can also use this resource for reviewing their students’ comparing skills.