This page features over 30 multiplication skills. These topics are divided into basics and miscellaneous, giving you tons of options to choose from. Our multiplication lessons are designed to help build your math knowledge and skills.

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Multiplication practice for students

Our multiplication resource, targeted at students from 2nd to 5th grade,is divided into two parts – basics and miscellaneous. If you are a beginner, you can start with single-digit multiplication, from multiplying by 1 up to multiplying by 9. Once you build speed and accuracy, you can visit miscellaneous section, which features a comprehensive set of advanced problems. However, if you already know the multiplication fact table up to 10, you can go directly to miscellaneous section.

Miscellaneous section has many problems like multiplying two-digit numbers with one-digit numbers, multiplying three-digit numbers with two-digit numbers, making a number using multiplication, multiplication of numbers ending with 100, and many others.

Multiplication is an important skill that we use in our daily lives, some instances are when determining a discount at a store or calculating cost in grocery stores, calculating tips in restaurants, etc. So, it is important to learn multiplication and memorize the times tables. This will help you prepare better for advanced math skills, like division and fractions.