Knowing how to tell time is an important skill. This resource has been created to help students practice leap year, time in 12 and 24 hours, name of the months, and many other interesting topics.

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Learn and practice telling time

There are unlimited questions in more than 18 important telling time skills. It is a great resource for parents who are trying to teach analog clock skills to their children. It also works well for teachers who are helping their students struggling with time concepts. Our practice lessons are designed for students in elementary school, or for anyone who wants to learn how to tell time.

On this page, you will see a great variety of questions on adding time, subtracting time, converting minutes to seconds, and converting minutes to hours. It also features some interesting problems on leap year and calendar.

If your children are in first or second grades, you can start with the basics like reading time on 12-hour analog clock, adding time, subtracting time, and names of the month. This will familiarize them with the concept of time, and get them excited to learn more. You can now challenge your little ones by giving them problems on leap year and calendar.

The leap year and calendar sections have some really fun brainteasers. Questions like, is Feb 2100 going to be a leap year, how many weeks are there in a year, is our calendar sun or moon based, which two adjacent months have 31 days, and other similar questions are sure to keep them super excited.