What is Decimal

Decimal is a way of writing numbers where each digit represents the different power of 10 .It also needs a decimal point (dot) to separate the integral and fractional parts of a number.


Each place value is divided by 10 when you move right from the decimal point.

Whole numbers and Decimal place values

Whole number digits Decimal number digits
Ten (10) Tenth (0.1)
Hundred (100) Hundredth (0.01)
Thousand (1,000) Thousandth (0.001)
Ten thousand(10,000) Ten thousandth (0.0001)
Hundred thousand (100,000) Hundred thousandth (0.00001)
Million (1,000,000) Millionth (0.000001)

Function of the decimal point

The decimal point separates the whole number on the left from its fractional part on the right. Decimal point serves as a separator between a unit and a part of a unit.

Learn how to convert decimal to fraction here.

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