A fraction is a "part" of a "whole". It is also a ratio between two integers separated by a solidus (/) or a vinculum ( __ ). The upper part of a fraction is called numerator and the lower part is called denominator.



The "whole" of a circle can be divided into different "parts" as shown below. The colored portion of the circles denotes a specific part of the whole.


How to pronounce a Fraction

We use cardinal numbers (1, 2, 3, 4, etc.) to read the numerator, and ordinal numbers (third, fourth, fifth, etc.) to read the denominator. When we write fractions in words, we use a hyphen between the cardinal number and the ordinal number.

Ordinal numbers are countable, so we add "s" to the word.


`2/4` - here thenumerator "2" is pronounced as 2, the denominator "4" as fourth, and the fraction as two-fourths.

`1/8` - here the numerator "1" is pronounced as 1, the denominator "8" as eighth, and the fraction as one-eighths.

Terms to remember

Dividend A number or quantity that is being divided.
Divisor A number or quantity that divides another quantity.
Equivalent Being essentially equal.
Integer A positive or negative whole number.
Ratio A relationship between two or more numbers.
Reciprocal Multiplicative inverse of a quantity.
Similar Having the same characteristics.
Simplify To make simpler or reduce complexity.
Unlike Having different characteristics.
Whole Number Either a zero (0) or a counting number.

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