Definition of Fraction

A fraction is a "part" of a "whole". It is also a ratio between two integers separated by a solidus (/) or a vinculum ( __ ). The upper part of a fraction is called a numerator and the lower part is called a denominator.

Below are examples of fractions:

`1/2`,`6/7`,`7/8`,`4/3`,`1/10`,`1 1/5`

Terms to remember

Dividend A number or quantity that is being divided.
Divisor A number or quantity that divides another quantity.
Equivalent Being essentially equal.
Integer A positive or negative whole number.
Ratio A relationship between two or more numbers.
Reciprocal Multiplicative inverse of a quantity.
Similar Having the same characteristics.
Simplify To make simpler or reduce complexity.
Unlike Having different characteristics.
Whole Number Either a zero (0) or a counting number.

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