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Statistics is the branch of mathematics which deals with the all aspects related with the data. It involves collection, organization, presentation, interpretation and analysis of the data.

Process of Statistical analysis is quite complex but overview can be represented by following figure:

overview of statistics

Statistics Online help:

You can learn following important concept with us:

Data Collection:

Data can be collected using experiments, surveys or by recording exact events. In case of experiments or surveys, collecting a representation set of data is very important to do right analysis.

Raw Data:

In statistics, when data is collected through some experiments or by sampling process, generally it is not in an organized format. This data is called Raw Data.

Data Organization:

  •  Frequency
  •  Cumulative Frequency
  •  Relative Frequency
  •  Relative Cumulative Frequency

Data Presentation:

Different types of graphs are used to visualize the data:

  •  Histograms
  •  Line chart
  •  Pie chart
  •  Bar Chart

Data Measurement techniques:

These techniques helps students to measure the spread of the data as well as tendency towards central. It is very important to understand, which concept need to be applied to get the right answer for different type of questions.

Statistics problem and worksheets

Once, you have a good understanding of these concepts, we suggest you to test your knowledge to master these skills using following links.

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