Why Reports?

Measuring students’ progress is now just a click away! Our reports keep track of all their tests, scores, strong and weak areas of math, and other valuable information. Whether you are a teacher or a parent, you have complete access to these data any time you need them.

We have many other reports that can only be accessed by our registered users.We are continuously in the process of providing specific reports on various subtopics and creating more performance oriented reports.

The images below are samples of Worksheet and User activities of our registered users.

Sample of worksheet activity report

Worksheet Activities

Sample of user activity report

User Activities


Review and compare to boost growth

Keep a track of your students’ progress, and know where they stand compared to other kids of the same age. Our report format is designed to help you identify their strong and weak areas of math, and create customized study plan for each of them.This will help students reach and demonstrate their full potential.


Today’s work is tomorrow’s reward

On iPracticeMath, we recognize and reward all hard working kids. The rewards are tangible and bountiful, which will make them feel good and encourage them to work harder. As a token of appreciation, we reward kids with Student of the Week and Student of the Month certificates for high test scores.


Help students reach their goals

iPracticeMath's detailed progress report will tell how well your kids know math. Teachers can use this valuable information to plan their next step, and parents can work with their children to improve their scores. With just a single click, you can see daily and weekly reports, monitor progress, and set goals for your kids.


Track progress in real-time

Our online reports will capture and keep a track of your students' progress in real-time. Results are displayed as and when they finish their assignments, thus enabling you to view the results and analyze data quickly. With our reports, you can see how many questions they answered, and the percentage scored. You can also print these worksheets!