Addition Worksheets

There is an array of sub-topics, from adding by 2, adding by 3 to adding numbers ending with 100, and many more. These addition worksheets are a great resource for students from 1st grade to 5th grade to learn addition.

  • Keep kids busy with daily practice sessions
  • Help them learn two-digit and three-digit addition
  • Provide a fun and engaging environment to practice basic math
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Addition Basics

Addition concepts

Addition practice

How to practice addition facts

On this page, you will find various worksheets on adding two-digit numbers, adding three-digit numbers, and other important topics. These worksheets are designed to meet the needs of students at various grade levels. Through this step-by-step process, we will tell you the best way to use our worksheets so that children move ahead gradually, from basic to more advanced addition.

1st Grade :  We recommend starting with basics like adding by 2, adding by 3, and moving up to adding by 8 and adding by 9.

2nd Grade :  Once comfortable with adding 1-digit numbers, children can start practicing adding numbers ending with 10 and 100.

3rd Grade :  Addition of three numbers is the best exercise to keep 3rd graders excited, and help them gear up for advanced math.

4th Grade :  Students will enjoy practicing adding of four numbers, making a number using addition, and other challenging worksheets.