Decimal Worksheets

There are various decimal worksheets for children from 5th grade to 8th grade. Whether it is adding, subtracting or multiplying decimals, there is a whole lot for students to learn and practice!

  • Improve accuracy of calculation with daily practice
  • Improve students’ basic and medium level decimal
  • Ideal for both home and school use

How to practice decimals

Teachers, parents and home tutors can use our decimal worksheets to reinforce the teachings, and to give students extra practice. These worksheets will help them understand the concepts behind decimal, and encourage them to keep practicing till they get it right. There are different topics like adding decimals, subtracting decimals, and many others that students can explore. The following guide will help decide what topics to choose at various grade levels.

4th Grade :  We recommend starting with adding and subtracting of decimals.

5th Grade :  Once comfortable with the basics, students can start practicing advanced problems on adding and subtracting of decimals.

6th Grade :  Keep students in the 6th grade excited by giving them problems on multiplication and division of decimals.