Number Sense Worksheets

Number sense is an important skill for children of all ages. Keeping this in mind, our worksheets are designed so that children are able to count, calculate and solve everyday math problems with great ease.

  • Help improve mental calculation and counting
  • Enhance your child's understanding of square and cube of numbers
  • Provide tons of practice in writing words in numbers
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Words to Number


How to use number sense worksheets

This page is created to serve as a resource for students struggling with number sense. We encourage students from 2nd grade to 5th grade to explore topics like converting words into numbers, even and odd numbers, square of numbers, cube of numbers, and many more. Select any topic depending on your current level of understanding or follow our below recommendations. This will help you navigate through, and also allow you to further refine your number sense skills.

2nd Grade :  Students can start with simple problems on converting words into numbers from 1 to 30, and moving up to higher numbers.

3rd Grade :  Students can practice converting words into numbers from 10 to 100. They can also practice writing simple words in numbers.

4th Grade :  4th graders can practice writing words in numbers from 1000 to 10000, and solve problems on prime numbers.

5th Grade :  There are a lot of topics like absolute value, squares of numbers and factorial that are especially designed for 5th graders.