Rounding Worksheets

Rounding is an important skill, hence we have unlimited practice sheets on topics like rounding to the nearest tenth, hundredth, dollar, and more. With daily practice, children will learn how to round and estimate numbers with ease.

  • Give rounding problems to practice after school
  • Blend fun with education while teaching estimation tips and tricks
  • Teach children how to estimate sums and differences of numbers
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Rounding numbers

Estimating numbers

Rounding money

Advanced rounding

Practice rounding numbers

Our rounding resource is primarily for elementary students. On this page, you will find a great mix of worksheets, from estimating sums, rounding to the nearest ten, rounding to the nearest thousand to rounding to the nearest dollar. You can select any skill or follow the below guide to navigate through and get the most out of our worksheets.

3rd Grade :  Students can start with rounding to the nearest ten and hundred of small numbers, and estimating sums.

4th Grade :  They can continue practice with rounding to the nearest ten and hundred of large numbers.

5th Grade :  There are a number of questions on rounding to the nearest thousand and rounding to the nearest dollar to help sharpen their skills.

6th Grade :  Students can focus on rounding decimals, and revise other lessons to build confidence in their abilities.