Statistics Worksheets

Our printable, statistics worksheets are great for understanding the subject and mastering topics like mean, median, mode, and range. Whether it is calculating the average, finding missing number or calculating mode of decimal numbers, there are all kinds of statistics problems for you to practice.

  • 30-minute of daily practice will perfect your ability to solve math equations
  • Become an expert in calculating the mean of a data set
  • Solve statistics problems involving decimals, integers and whole numbers
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Practice statistics problems

Our worksheets are the best way to gain a clear understanding of all key statistics topics. Sharpen your kills with over seventy worksheets on range, mean, median, and mode. The goal is to help students practice what they already know, and learn new concepts along the way. Use the steps below as a guide to learn and practice all the essential statistics skills.

4th Grade :  Range and mean worksheets are the best ways to get started with statistics. This will enable students to gain confidence for advanced topics.

5th Grade :  Practice mean with decimal numbers and median I. With determination and regular practice, students will excel in these statistics topics.

6th Grade :  At this stage, students can focus on range of decimal numbers, median II, and mode.

7th and 8th Grades :  Test your understanding of all the topics while focusing on mean of bigger numbers, median with negative numbers, and mode of decimal numbers.

If these worksheets are difficult for you, click here to learn the concepts of statistics. Once you gain confidence, you can come back to practice the lessons.