Subtraction Worksheets

There are various free, grade-based worksheets to test subtraction skills. These worksheets will also help parents as well as teachers in keeping children engaged in a constructive way.

  • Help your children improve their test scores
  • Make them practice subtraction of numbers from 0 to 10
  • Give them further practice with single-digit and double-digit numbers
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Subtraction Basics

Subtraction concepts

Multi-digit subtraction

Advanced subtraction

How to practice subtraction

iPracticeMath offers you a variety of free, printable worksheets to use at home or in classroom. These worksheets are appropriate for students in 1st Grade through 4th Grade. These sheets are a great way to get them to practice subtraction of one-digit and two-digit numbers, and other problems. This step-by-step process guides you on how to gradually introduce topics at different grade levels.

1st Grade :  We recommend starting with subtracting smaller numbers like 2 and 4, and moving up to subtracting with larger numbers like 8 and 9.

2nd Grade :  After single digit subtraction, children can learn and practice double-digit subtraction.

3rd Grade :  Engage them with problems on subtraction of three numbers, and let the learning continue at home.

4th Grade :  There are many sub-topics like subtraction of three numbers, and property of equality that can help kids prepare for higher math.