Time Worksheets

Time worksheets cover 19+ subtopics, including adding time, subtracting time, leap year, converting minutes to hour, and many more. Perfect for moms and dads looking for a new activity to engage their children.

  • Keep children busy during play dates
  • Designed to help children remember the names and order of the months
  • Improve their knowledge of time with hands-on learning
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Time calculation


Leap year

How to use telling time worksheets

Parents can use our time worksheets to give children extra practice. Teachers can also use to reinforce the teachings. Aimed primarily at elementary students, these worksheets are free, self-graded, and printable.Through these worksheets, children can learn and practice the basics of telling time like adding time, subtracting time, names of month, leap year, and many other time related facts. Look up for topics where your children might need help with, and also familiarize them with newer concepts as you go on.

1st Grade :  We recommend starting with the basics like adding time, subtracting time, and names of months.

2nd Grade :  Students can then move on to converting minutes into seconds, and number of days in each month.

3rd Grade :  Engage 3rd graders with advanced problems on converting minutes to seconds along with seconds to minutes.

4th Grade :   Keep students engaged with converting minutes to hour, concept of leap year, and other calendar related facts.